Understanding & Culture -

The Exelis Syndicate is a family of diverse sentients from every corner of the galaxy. We control the Esuain Sector, which is located in the eastern reaches of the Mid Rim. We are united by the desire and pursuit of freedom and profit. We reject and oppose the Imperial Union, their tyrannical methods, false propaganda promulgated by the self-proclaimed and pompous Emperor. Morgan SathelAlthough not part of any galaxy-wide alliance, the Exelis Syndicate sympathizes and supports the struggle of all groups that have chosen to fight against the iniquity and arrogance of the Galactic Empire and its misguided servants.

Our family is open to outsiders who aren't enthralled by the deceit orchestrated by the Imperial Union. We are always ready to forge new relationships and help other groups in any way we can. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you believe that we can be of help to you. We will be glad to discuss any and all matters brought to our attention.

Loyalty, mutual support, and financial independence are the Exelis’ core values. Those who have joined our family are expected to work hard and commit to our code and beliefs. Every member of our organization is repaid with Credits, and most importantly, loyalty and family. We take care of our own and we will go to lengths to support all members of our group. All we ask in return is respect for our credo, and allegiance toward those who are entrusted with leadership positions within our organization.

The Exelis Council consists of the Authorities: the most prominent members of our family, each one leading the efforts in the various branches of our organization. Members honored with such positions advise the Underlord, who represents the absolute authority in the family. The Underlord has final decision on any and all matters. Below the Underlord are the Voice and the Hand, respectively the second and third in command tasked to administer most of the daily activities. Those who have shown great dedication and personal skills are recognized with the title of Enforcers, and are considered full members of the family. Below the Enforcers are the Henchmen, our family’s associates.

Morgan Sathel currently commands the Exelis Crime Syndicate, having done so since the two hundred and sixteenth day of the twenty-first galactic year.

Deep Background -

The history of this family traces back to the Exelis Hunters, a band of pirates that terrorized the Strabin sector in decades past. Raid after raid, the criminal group rose to prominence and forced the rich traders transiting through Strabin to form a pact against the crooks infesting the sector. Pooling their resources together, the affluent men and women in the merchant coalition acquired the services of the best bounty hunters in the galaxy, who labored day and night to track down all known members of the Exelis Hunters. Slowly but surely, the pirate band was reduced to nothing more than a shadow of itself. The pirates were systematically apprehended or killed. Those who had managed to escape scattered throughout the galaxy and remained in the shadows until better luck would find them.

Darin Byrch

The Kiffar known as Morgan Sathel was a Ship Captain of the Exelis Hunters. While the criminal enterprise battled against the hired lawmen, Sathel had decided to make a show of force by assaulting the Fallen Grace, a YV-666 Light Freighter that had been scanned and identified as a rich target. After a brief exchange of fire, the Fallen Grace’s propulsors were disabled. Sathel and her goons boarded the ship and made quick work of the armed defenders. It seemed as if a big payday and the fortunes of the Exelis Hunters were about to change, but then the so-called Sith arrived on the scene. As it turned out, the Fallen Grace belonged to one Darin Byrnch, the self-proclaimed Dark Lord of the One Sith, also known as Darth Pristus. Together with his Togruta lackey, Kuuda Ki, the two Force users exterminated the boarding party, leaving only Sathel alive. In an act of brutal violence, Byrch punished Sathel by plucking one of her eyes and using his Force powers to harm her. The Kiffar was kept alive through countless cybernetic implants, and in the weeks that followed, she was indoctrinated into serving Byrch in his cult, the Bando Gora, at the time based on the planet Venaari.

Sathel promptly showcased her worth and abilities. Her rise through the ranks of the Bando Gora was swift and unstoppable. Mindful of her criminal past and her expertise in naval matters, Byrch first granted her command of the Bando Gora Navy. As more and more talented sentients flocked to join the cult, the self-proclaimed Dark Lord decided that Sathel’s natural talent for substerfuge and assassination should have been employed in the Silent Watchers, the Bando Gora’s division tasked to organize intelligence efforts. After the lackey Kuuda Ki opted to step down as leader of the industrial branch of the cult, the self-proclaimed Darth Pristus put Sathel in charge of that vital aspect of the organization. Sathel served in that capacity until the decision to fully embrace the ways of the One Sith was made. When the Bando Gora became the Order of the One Sith, Sathel returned to her military roots and was given command of the One Sith Armada. She was also named second in command of the organization.

Unbeknownst to the self-proclaimed Dark Lord, Sathel’s indoctrination was weakening with each day passing. Everyday she was able to see through the veil of deception that the self-proclaimed Dark Lord had fabricated. Sathel recognized Byrch for who he really was: a narcissist megalomaniac hell-bent on serving his own interests and ego. With clarity of mind restored, Sathel found herself disgusted to be in the service of a sentient who used lies and manipulation to accomplish his purposes. Byrch’s lack of vision and real leadership skills had been revealed and Sathel sought to leave the cult of personality. Together with her companion, fellow One Sith member Xyre Weltom, they attempted to regain control of the considerable assets that Miss Weltom had donated to the cult, including the planet of Venaari. The self-proclaimed Dark Lord had promised that Miss Weltmon was free to take everything back at a moment of her choosing, but when he was confronted on such a promise by Sathel, the self-proclaimed Dark Lord responded in a brooding and delirious manner, and the day after threatened to separate Sathel and her lover by sending the Kiffar undercover in a rival faction. This was the last straw for Sathel, who had long understood that the self-proclaimed leader of the One Sith wouldn’t have honored his promises.


So absorbed in his own vanity and glory Byrch was that he had failed to realize others were unhappy with his poor leadership. Kaze Zill, at the time known as Darth Drachen, was one such individual and Sathel knew it. The Kiffar approached the Darth and together they plotted a coup that should have ended with the death of Byrch. Months were spent finalizing every detail of the plan, and when the day arrived, the trap was sprung. The self-proclaimed Dark Lord was accompanying a contingent of One Sith troopers aboard a Corona-class Frigate when forces loyal to Sathel and Zill staged a mutiny aboard the vessel. Fighting broke out on Venaari as well, where Sathel’s loyalists, led by the Kiffar herself, battled to gain control of the planet. An epic duel between two powerful Force users ensued when Kaze Zill finally confronted the so-called Dark Lord. Despite Zill’s efforts, Byrch managed to escape like the coward he truly was. Drachen, however, was able to apprehend other notable members of the One Sith, including former Dark Lord (a true one, for a change) Dorian Tecto, who had joined Byrch’s cult merely to provide tutelage in the ways of the Force the the power hungry Byrch and his delusions of grandeur.

When victory seemed assured, Kaze Zill revealed his true colors and backstabbed Sathel, who had always considered Zill a true friend and ally. Troops loyal to Zill wrestled control of Venaari out of Sathel’s grasp, who was forced to flee. The Kiffar traveled far and wide to contact what remained of the Exelis Hunters. Her plan was to gather as many allies and troops to her cause, and wage war against Zill and his act of betrayal. Zill had sold the planet to his allies in the O`Cuinn clan for an undisclosed amount of Credits. When Venaari was declared for sale, Sathel saw an opportunity that was quicker and less expensive than an all-out war. Together with her good friend Vagnar Fivkey, they labored to liquidate assets and raise the funds required to buy the planet back. They eventually succeeded in such an endeavour and Venaari was purchased for the considerable fee of eight billions. Sathel was proclaimed the new Dread Captain of the Exelis Hunters reborn, and Venaari was quickly transformed into a pirate port from which raids against merchants were launched.

The Exelis were back in business. Vagnar Fivkey, having proved his loyalty, was named second in command and the person directly in charge of a new subsidiary, the Exelis Runners, who acted as smugglers and black market dealers. For a time the Exelis group functioned, more or less, as a traditional pirate gang. What she had experienced under the tyranny of Byrch, however, had changed Sathel enough that she grew dissatisfied with the direction of her organization. She sought to create something meaningful and more than just a band of pirates spreading chaos and blood. She wanted a clear direction and a worthy cause to follow, one that wouldn’t fundamentally change who she was and the inevitable dark nature of the Exelis group. When Vagnar decided to step down and retire, Sathel knew that she had to act on her wishes and implement the changes that the group needed to prosper. No longer the Exelis Hunters would raid and murder. The future of the organization was one that embraced civilized manners, but without transforming the Exelis into feeble pushovers.

And thus, the Exelis Hunters evolved into the Exelis Syndicate, a crime family devoted to the search of financial prosperity and freedom. With the title of The Voice, Ozzy Vazul replaced Vagnar as the second in command and the leader of the Runners. An inner council was implemented to aid Sathel, who had since assumed the title of Underlord of the family. The likes of Ken Grady, Lara Navos and Niera Crukx were appointed as Authorities and members of said council. Loyal companion Xyre Weltmon was named The Hand, the third in command and a special advisor to the Underlord. The Runners were legitimized and turned into a serious company specialized in the production of high-quality customized gears and starships, with precious help provided by Sathel’s newfound lover, Countess Lilith Delcroix of Vorsia.

As for the clear direction that Sathel wanted, the Underlord vowed to support the fight for freedom and justice against the inequity of the Galactic Empire and its corrupted allies in the Imperial Union. Ever since her days under Byrch, Sathel had developed a profound hatred for the so-called Emperor and his lackeys. It seemed only appropriate to pledge herself and the Exelis Syndicate to the fight for freedom.