Friends & Foes -

Friends & Allies

Exelis maintains an ever-evolving number of agreements with corporations and governments throughout the galaxy to help ensure joint prosperity and financial gain for all parties. While some agreements remain shrouded in secrecy and away from the public eye, several are made public for a variety of reasons. Currently, Exelis maintains public friendships with the following organisations:

The Black Veil -

The umbrella group known as the Black Veil operates around Serrocco and its surrounding systems. The factions act as an overarching group for its bounty hunting and piracy enterprises, acting as primary sponsor and organiser to the Ultimate Fighting League which operates around the galaxy. Through this agreement, Exelis extends friendship to all subsidiaries within the Black Veil, including:


Santhe Security -

Reincorporated on Year 22 Day 1, Santhe Security is an emerging force in the security field throughout the galaxy. Re-organising operations once owned by Sienar Technology and the Tion Hegemony Government, the Santhe Corporation sold its interests in production and reclamation to focus on security contracts. Recruiting numerous bounty hunters and mercenaries to fill its ranks, the new organisation is shrouded in secrecy while it focuses on building its stronghold within the galaxy.


The Skulls -

Outlaws on the run, a small group of men found themselves at the edge of known space, forced into hiding by a world that rejected them. This small band of brothers, alone in the galaxy, swore an oath of complete loyalty to each other. An official charter was written, and as a symbol, the glowing-orange skull was chosen and The Skulls Swoop Gang was born. In their beginning, The Skulls called Wild Space their home, making sure that the sector's name was true. The Skulls made their name by savagely raiding any supply ship that made the mistake of traveling through Wild Space. Typically, the only evidence left after an attack by The Skulls was the burnt-out remnants of a ship, and the skull of its captain dipped in orange and hung as a display and a warning to others. Noted particularly for their brutality and cruelty, The Skulls quickly made a name for themselves. Seeing someone wearing the Glowing-Orange Skull in public meant one thing; Blood would soon run in the streets. The Skulls were known to deliberately turn their Swoop Bikes into crowds of civilians, sometimes as a tactic to distract law enforcement from their other criminal activities, or to simply cause mayhem.

Foes & Enemies

Exelis cannot operate in a galaxy such as this without pissing off a few people. While the Syndicate harbours little concern for threats and harassment from those who dislike them, they still maintain a ledger of those who are deemed to be enemies to its prosperity. Currently, Exelis shoots on sight for those associated with:

The Imperial Union -

On Year 13 Day 326, representatives of the Galactic Empire, Black Sun, and Tresario Star Kingdom convened on Coruscant and signed a new charter to reform the Imperial Union. The announcement came mere weeks after the departure of five member states from the earlier incarnation of the Union. The new charter was designed for more exacting regulations and expectations among member governments, clearly codified operating procedures, and an unambiguous program for sharing technology. Exelis maintains enemy status with its current members and their associated organisations:


The Galactic Empire -

The Galactic Empire is a constitutional monarchy led by an individual proclaimed as Emperor. Stretching from the deep core to the outer rim, it is the largest government to have ever existed within the galaxy. Founded by Emperor Hiram Drayson of the COMPNOR political party in Year -3 after sweeping to power in galaxy-wide elections, its might is unsurpassed in the history of the known universe. The COMPNOR party's campaign was based on the platform of seeking a strong solution to address the collapse of law, order, and justice under the corrupt and ineffective governance of the Republic. Emperor Drayson enacted a massive overhaul of the political apparatus that had seen the decay of the Republic, and the New Order was quickly established as a successive government united under a single vision to ensure the spread of a stable and economically prosperous government to all corners of the galaxy.


Tresario Star Kingdom -

The Tresario Star Kingdom is a Sovereign government lead by The King of Tresario with the aid of the Hall of Ministers and is responsible for setting policy of the Tresario Star Kingdom. The organizational structure of the Kingdom is made up of three ministries, the Ministry of Military Operations, Ministry of Economic Development, and the Ministry of State, with each ministry being led by a Minister. These Ministers are guided by the Premier, who is effectively the right hand of the King. The ministries are further divided into departments, led by Secretaries and Administrators who answer to their respective Minister and Deputy Ministers. Governing from the kingdom's capital in Bal`demnic, Bak`rofsen System, Tresario Star Kingdom is home to over a thousand billion sentient beings, across seven galactic sectors.

Black Sun

The Black Sun -

Born from a multi-billion credit trade organization, Black Sun is an autocratic unitary state ruled by Prince Jeor Knight. Founded several centuries ago, the group achieved prominence with the rise of Princess Gabriella Storm. Over the years, Black Sun has approached itself in varied ways, including: a legitimate trading corporation, an independent paramilitary force, intelligence brokers, and now a massive government authority. Operating as a monolithic government, Black Sun is supported by its nationalized companies: Gesenix Mining and Shobquix Industries. These companies form The Collective, which represents Black Sun's industrial and infrastructural endeavours, including: material management, architectural development, and mechanized production. The Dark Prince is advised by a Family Council, consisting of up to nine Vigos (Old Tionese for "nephew").

Faerytail Family

The Faerytail Family -

The Faerytail Family was initially started with the creation of Faerytail Medical. Faerytail Medical was formed by the dream of Simkin Dragoneel, Erik Thor, and Kirlos Serlon. The name of Faerytail was created from a legend in certain backwater worlds located on the Outer Rim about a mythical creature known as the Faery. According to the legends, this vicious little creature’s tail has the power to cure any illness, and even regenerate limbs. Records even claim this object has the power to bring back life to the recently dead. The Faerytail Family has been devoted ever since to curing the sick and selling Medical Items to all beings.

Persona Non Grata

Sometimes it isn't an organization that puts a bad taste in Exelis' mouth. Some sentients felt the need to piss in the Underlord's morning coffee sufficiently to warrant a blacklisting, arrest or death warrant. While it is possible to get back into the good graces of the Syndicate, acts of annoyance and distrust towards Exelis are never forgotten. The following sentients have the unappealing honour of being featured in the black book.

Korvas-Tiwin Kumari

Korvas-Tiwin Kumari -

Korvas-Tiwin Kumari, also known by the alias of Rubber Legs was issued with a trading blacklist following a failed payment after items were preordered from the Exelis Syndicate trading market. Upon confrontation to complete the transaction as originally agreed upon, the Dark Star Hellions prospect made the decision to walk away from the transaction and breaking the terms of the previously agreed upon trade agreement. Blacklist can be removed through conversation and adequate punishment carried-out after conversation with the Underlord.