Sales & Services -

Exelis sells a lot of goods to the galaxy. Whether it's illegal arms to the highest bidder, alcohol and piles of Ryll to a prohibition riddled colony, or that one Falleen who wants to enjoy their cross-dressing fantasy while on holiday. Everyone has a need for something, and Exelis do their best to facilitate the deal for the right price. Inventory regularly changes, as does galactic demand, meaning Exelis is always evolving its operation to cater for the needs of many walks of life. Sales can be conducted via the Conclaves of the Exelis Criminal Syndicate, or through backwater alleyways, we make ourselves available to clients, provided the credit chits are legitimate.

Construction -


We build things. While we appreciate the thrills of destruction and desolation from time-to-time, we take joy in building the next metropolis. Whether the client is looking for a quaint estate to entertain their affair away from prying eyes, a mob boss starting out a slave trade, or a reputable businessman looking to start a new civilian project, we do not care. We'll take the raw materials at our disposal, mine them down into a usable form and carve out your slice of paradise anywhere in the galaxy.

Depending on the operation, we can assign multiple construction crews to complete the work in a timely fashion or subcontract out the work if required to ensure deadlines are achieved. As part of all construction contracts, the buyer is responsible providing the necessary permits for building authority, necessary bribe money to smooth over any local Gamorrean unions that try to cause issues, and dependant on location within the galaxy, room beneath the floors to store paraphernalia and illegal arms out of the authorities prying eyes.

Personnel -


Sometimes people get lonely. They get tired of doing all the work with their right hand, and instead want someone else to do it for them. While salaries are negotiated with the personnel themselves, Exelis can provide staff to the galaxy for any occasion. Whether you need people for your latest business enterprise and translators to the millions of alien languages and dialects, sharpshooters for your political assassination, or a bunch of companions to make you feel less like a loser, we can provide.

Sourced from the highest quality abductions from military academies and slave trades from numerous Hutt warlords, we ensure personnel are shipped to you are the highest quality. Cleaned, outfitted and disease free (unless specified), you have no need to fear when you have Exelis certified personnel at your side. If you are looking for a certain race to meet your xenophobic beliefs or want your new employee to be trained in a particular field or skillset, it is the buyers’ responsibility to raise this prior to purchase. Please note, upon successful transaction, all restraining bolts and slave collars are removed and well-being along with obedience of the individuals purchased are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

Vessels -


We all need to travel from Point A to Point B, it is a fact of life in the galaxy. Everyone is going to piss off someone they shouldn’t and need a high-quality ship to help evade the bounty hunters on their tail. Maybe you are looking for the next big freighter to smuggle your illegally sourced medical equipment, smuggled out of an Imperial hospital? Doesn't matter to Exelis, we're not here to ask questions, we just want to take your credits.

While we independently source our vessels at this current juncture, we look for quality to ensure you're happy with your purchase...or that your hull will disintegrate, explode, and kill you before you have the ability to raise a formal complaint with an automated droid that will delete your enquiry upon submission. We stock fighter squadrons, frigates all the way to behemoths when we see fit, and look to pass them onto keen buyers at only a slightly outrageous mark-up, but hey, what else would you expect from a criminal enterprise?

Erotica -


Sometimes we need something stronger than alcohol to relax us. Every once in a while, we need our kinks satisfied, some more regularly than others. Some people like watching the majesty of a Twi'lek's lekku radiant against a dancers' skin. Others like the grotesque physique of a Hutt washing itself in Baragwin entrails, who are we to judge? Exelis provides select customers the opportunity to view and purchase from its monumental pile of erotic materials. Holovids, interactive shows and holomags a plenty give anyone the ability to enjoy themselves.

Those interested in purchasing from the Exelis erotica collection must meet a strict review process before eligibility is achieved. Some have fought for years to gain access, only to be turned away due to their belief that droids are sufficient in achieving their desires, or that a Codru-Ji having four arms is overkill. Exelis also wishes to advise that it takes no responsibility for physical harm inflicted or the purchaser during experiences, or damage to holocommunicators and datapads due to purchaser enjoyment of the material.

Interested in a purchase? Check the Exelis stocklist.