Press Releases -

Cybernetic Augmentation Designs Commence - 21.357

Captured Imperial scientists have begun making significant advances in the field of cybernetics until the direction of Underlord Sathel from her palace on Venaari. This is EXE-404 reporting throughout known holocommunication protocols.

After numerous successful raids on Imperial civilian operations, medical professionals and scientists have been captured and put to work throughout various research and development stations owned by the Exelis Crime Syndicate, acquired during the hostile takeover of Bando Gora, more commonly know in its final days as Order of the One Sith. Under constant guard and with barely enough provisions to feed a starving Gizka, these scientists have begun formulating technology to integrate full facial augmentation with the human genome. Through this endeavour, it would allow criminal activities to continue for years to come, with the augments changing a users facial appearance at the push of a button.

While designs for such an effort have been a closely guarded secret among the Imperial Union for years if the rumours are to be believed, this venture to the wider galaxy would no doubt be desired by various enterprises willing to pay whatever was necessary to acquire the technology. I was able to obtain a transmission from one Exelis follower earlier today - "This new tech will make it much easier to raid outputs and cities. I can look like Emperor Seele when I am ripping off the next Rebellion fleet. I also think the Underlord will appreciate it too. She's got a thing for them cybernetics. Time will tell indeed if leadership within the Criminal Syndicate is willing to try their own supply.

With apparent initial trials underway, the person you are speaking to many indeed be someone completely different. And thus, the roulette of sentient social interaction continues. Thankfully, my droid programming prevents me from caring, so I could care less who you are. EXE-404 powering down.

Alcohol Festivities Underway - 21.352

In a move that will no doubt please the population of Venaari but see a sudden drop in productivity, all establishments serving alcohol must provide it free of charge for the next fourteen galactic standard days. This is EXE-404 reporting throughout known holocommunication protocols, still sober thanks to my own lubricant of choice being some oil from the mines of Kessel.

Sentients and criminal onlookers to Exelis operations were recorded publicly cheering and celebrating the move, with many taking the opportunity to stock up on foods to ensure their body constitution was sufficient to ensure they wouldn't pass out too quickly once festivities commenced. To aide operations, bounty hunters and mercenaries would be hired by the criminal syndicate to abduct, torture or kill any individuals deemed to be causing public disturbance and disturbing the world of Venaari, provided a small kickback was passed onto the criminal enterprise.

Perhaps the drinks will give everyone a much-needed break. Maybe it'll cause such a sharp drop in productivity that the entire world of Venaari will fall below the poverty line. Or perhaps it'll just be the usual frenzy of booze, babes, murder and mayhem. I just hope I don't have to power wash blood from my metallic frame. EXE-404 powering down.

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